The Cappadocia International Choir Festival is open to all choirs.



The Festival is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Festival Performances

Part 2: Exclusive Performances

First part will be held in the venue that is to be decided by the festival commitee. Stage times (including arrangement on stage and song transitions) will be no less than 15 and no more than 25 minutes.

Second part will take place in another concert or open-air venue in Cappadocia. Exclusive concerts should last for at least 40 minutes per performance.


(Choirs can attend the festival as listeners and workshop participants without giving any concerts.)


Repertoires for festival performance must at least contain one song from either one of the following categories. The rest of the songs are to be chosen at will.


1 – A song by a Turkish composer (Either chosen by the choir or chosen from the list which is to be provided by the festival commitee).

2 – A song by a composer of the participant choir’s own nationality.


Participation Fee & Accommodation

  • The participation fee per person is 30 Euros. Participation and accommodation for the choir conductors will be free of charge. According to the demand of the choir, affordable accommodation will be arranged among the options such as 2-star hotel, 3-star hotel, cave hotel, 5-star hotel and premium cave hotel.
  • The Festival fee includes workshops, concerts & participation to ceremonies.
  • Travel costs and travellers’ insurance should be covered by the participants’ themselves.
  • In case of accommodation by one’s own, please contact with festival comitee.
  • The choirs are expected to make their registration fee transaction within the 15 days following the approval of their applications.



Deadline of application for the International Cappadocia Choir Festival

24th March 2023

A complete application form should be sent in order to apply for the festival. Applicants who are accepted after the preselection by the festival committee will be contacted and expected to provide additional documents.